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Hedgerow Assessment Surveys


We have a team of experienced field ecologsts who can carry out surveys across the UK, and have vast project experience on a commercial and domestic scale. We are experienced in obtaining all the necessary information for the planning process.

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Survey Inventory
  • 1. Background Information
  • 2. Survey Techniques
Background Information

Hedgerows are protected under the Hedgerows Regulations Act 1997. This protection covers hedgerows over 30 years old and meeting certain criteria. The Regulation was brought into effect due to the changes in agricultural practices which saw a rapid removal of hedgerows from the countryside.

Hedgerows act as green corridors within the landscape as well as providing vital resources for species in the form of food and shelter. They also can act as a reserve for native woodland indicator species. Within this ancient veteran trees add to the value of the hedgerow and the habitat it provides.

Survey Techniques

The hedgerow assessment follows the methods outlined in Hedgerow Survey Handbook. These take into account the characteristics of the hedgerow including age, botanical makeup, structure and associated features.

The outcome of the survey allows us to identify the importance of the hedgerow within the landscape and assess its need for protection.

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