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BREEAM Ecology Assessment Surveys


Access Ecology employ Suitably Qualified Ecologists for BREEAM assessments. We always strive to achieve the maximum number of possible credits on each project.

Survey Inventory
  • 1. Background Information
  • 2. Survey Methodology
Background Information

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s leading environmental assessment method for buildings. Buildings are assessed and given a score based on a broad range of criteria from energy to materials with Land use and Ecology making up 10% of the overall score. The scoring system aims to reward developments on land of low ecological value that aim to enhance the ecological value of the site while discouraging the development of ecologically valuable sites.

Many projects have funding linked to the resulting BREEAM scores and it can often influence the decision to grant planning permission so it is worth investing in ecological guidance.

Survey Methodology

A suitably qualified ecologist assesses the site and the development based on the following 6 categories;

  • Previous land use of site
  • Contamination of site
  • Ecological value of land and protection of ecological features
  • Mitigating ecological impact
  • Enhancing site ecology
  • Long term impact on biodiversity

A phase 1 habitat survey is performed to assess the current ecological value and where trees are present arboricultural assessments will be carried out. A score is then calculated for the current ecological value of the land following the BREEAM guidelines.

Our suitably qualified ecologists can recommend mitigation guidelines to reduce the impact on biodiversity, and features and schemes to enhance the ecological value of the site, which if adhered to can help minimise the ecological impact of the development and improve the BREEAM score.


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