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With our experience of the AnaBat system, if required Access Ecology are able to advise on survey design, the AnaBat requirements and the level of analysis required. 



Survey Inventory
  • 1. Background Information
  • 2. AnaBat Hire
  • 3. AnaBat Passive Placement
  • 4. AnaBat Active Survey
  • 5. AnaBat Data Analysis
  • 6. The Complete AnaBat Package
Background Information

The AnaBat automated bat detector system has stimulated a revolution in bat survey and monitoring work within the UK.  Areas can now be surveyed at minimal costs over time spans not thought feasible five years ago.  AnaBat offers various features streamlining bat activity data collection and analysis:

  • The system can be left in the field to record for extended periods reducing survey effort and costs
  • The ZCAIM data storage format enables longer survey periods
  • Directional microphones enable specific features to be targeted such as infrastructure or  habitats
  • Full compatibility with the AnaLookW call identification software allowing the labeling of sonogram files and the use of tools for data extraction for spreadsheet analysis
  • Position tracking via a connected GPS device stamping the location of each file containing bat echolocation calls

AnaBats are  proving to be especially efficient when used within monitoring programs and are increasingly being integrated into large scale site surveys such as those required for wind farm proposals. At Access Ecology we have used AnaBatsTM to identify species present on site, locate bat feeding areas and commuting routes, locate summer and winter roosts and verify the results of manual nocturnal surveys.

AnaBat Hire

Our AnaBats are available for hire, delivered to your door.

When you hire from us you will receive a package that includes the following:

  • AnaBat bat detector system
  • 12v Battery
  • Compatible CF Card
  • Pelicase adapted for use with an AnaBat for transport and protection in the field
  • Lock and chain
  • NEW Optional Extra; High Mount Extension Cable Microphone

Prices for this service will vary and are dependant on the number of units hired and length of time each AnaBat is hired for. To obtain a quote for your specific requirements please contact us.

With several years experience of employing AnaBats in projects, we can provide additional support to advise on methodology, equipment set up and echolocation analysis.  Please see our placement, analysis and active survey section for the other packages we offer.

AnaBat Passive Placement

Using our experience of the AnaBat system and placement in the field, Access Ecology have worked on a wide range of projects utilising the automated echolocation call recording capabilities of the AnaBat.   

Using this valuable experience, Access Ecology are able to offer a Placement service for hired AnaBats. Tailored to your specific project needs Access Ecology can:

  • Securely install AnaBats on site
  • Replace and recharge batteries if required
  • Record temperature throughout the survey period
  • Retrieve the data collected
  • Send the data to your door via CD or over an internet file transfer facility

When combined with our AnaBat Analysis Package, Access Ecology can complete the entire data collection and analysis for your passive survey project such as static survey requirements for wind farms.   

AnaBat Active Survey

The objective way AnaBat collects data also makes it a very useful tool for active surveys such as transects and emergence/re-entry surveys. The automated detection of echolocation calls allows for observer sampling bias to be removed allowing for more robust analysis over a number of  surveys.

Using our experience of the AnaBat system and working on projects involving active surveys, such as transects and presence/absence surveys for wind farm proposals, when combined with the AnaBat Hire Package, Access Ecology can undertake all of your active survey needs:

  • Undertake AnaBat Active Surveys
  • Stamp each AnaBat file with the GPS location
  • Record a range of environmental factors which can then be added to each data file
  • Send the data to your door, ready for analysis, via CD or over an internet file transfer facility

When combined with the AnaBat Data Analysis Package we can map results directly into an appropriate professional plan and/or GIS layer for inclusion in your report.

AnaBat Data Analysis

Using our experience of bat echolocation identification, use of AnaLookW and dealing with large datasets, Access Ecology can undertake the analysis of AnaBat data collected externally or internally via the Placement and Active Survey methods.

A report will be produced presenting easily interpreted information on the date, time and species (where identification is possible) of all calls recorded. In addition, information can be provided on:

  • Bat passes per hour or night
  • Changes in species composition throughout survey nights
  • Time after sunset and before sunrise of each call
  • First and last bat of each species identified
  • Comparison against temperature and wind speed data if available
  • The proportion of social calls and feeding buzzes recorded
  • GPS location and altitude of each identified bat pass mapped on an appropriate plan

Data analysis and presentation can be tailored to your needs, please get in touch to discuss any specific requirements.


The Complete AnaBat Package

Why Choose The Complete AnaBat Package?

With several years experience in the effective use of AnaBats to survey a wide range of bat activity across a range of locations, Access Ecology are able to offer the complete AnaBat service at competitive costs.  We can design, undertake, analyse data and produce the results for your complete project survey requirements.

The Complete Package includes:

  • AnaBat Hire
  • AnaBat Passive Placement
  • AnaBat Active Survey
  • AnaBat Analysis

The Complete package allows you to save on capital, training and manpower costs while offering your client an assured quality service. At this difficult economic time, with companies trying to claw back costs, we appreciate the difficulty in gaining approval for projects requiring capital investments and believe our AnaBat Placement Package may offer the solution.

With our experience of projects, both big and small, we can design and implement the survey, and analyse the resultant data to a standard suitable for submission to a local planning authority or integration into an EcIA.

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